Wedding Stationery

Ok this has been a long time coming! Darrell and I were married in late March 2012 and I’ve finally gotten the chance to upload some pics of the stationery I designed.

Probably went a little overboard.
The hand drawn typeface.
The hand lettered, personalised place cards, envelopes and invitations.
The scalloped envelope liners.
The guide book.
The menu wheels.
The laser cut belly bands.
The pop up wedding certificate.
The photo frame thank you cards with personalised photos for each guest.
The endless labels, tags, bunting and thank you aerograms printed on glorious Buffalo Board (my new favourite stock)!
I don’t care – it was all worth it! I did pick up 3 BAD Awards in 2012 which was pretty exciting!

Big thanks to Neisha at Creative Emporium who printed my beautiful invitations on Doggett’s Knight Vellum and laboriously duplexed them so I could have a super thick card with a nice deep deboss on both sides!

Another big shout out to Matt from Big & Little Media who printed my Guide Books and is constant source of knowledge and always finds a way to make the impossible possible!

If anyone’s interested, the rest was all designed, printed, laser cut and assembled at home by myself and my lovely husband over many late nights and wine :)

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