Wallflower Suite

Wallflower Suite is a boutique in Brisbane’s hub of boutique fashion, Paddington. It primarily stocks unisex clothing with an eclectic mix of art, homewares, shoes, and accessories. This fashion-forward boutique has a warm and inviting interior and unique layout. Wallflower Suite required a corporate identity that reflected the bold and edgy personality of the store: laid back, casual cool with personality that allows the wearer to express their own individual flavour.

While at Brio Group I was commissioned to create a unique brand for Wallflower Suite and develop a corporate mark and positioning statement that reflects the brand’s unique personality. The aim was for the branding to look unpolished, raw and natural and to be expandable.

I created a corporate mark that is simple, elegant and holds a deep secret. Hidden in the centre of the delicate wallflower lies a death’s head moth which camouflages itself amongst the petals, similar to a wallflower. The corporate mark draws on the comparisons between good and evil, life (flowers and growth) and death (the moth).

This corporate mark is simple and elegant and appeals to a sophisticated, intelligent demographic. It also appeals to both men and women to reflect the unisex nature of the boutique. A roughed-up decayed background was added to match the raw elements of the interior and the unpolished floors. I also created a detailed illustration to show the ‘world of the wallflower’ and this was used on the backs of the four different business cards and accompanied by one of four different taglines I developed: ‘blend in to stand out’, ‘planting the seed’, don’t be afraid to blossom’ and ‘herbicide for tall poppies’. This suite of taglines helped relay the brand’s personality. A wallflower wearer is cool, casual, laidback – there’s more to them than meets the eye. There’s a sense of mystery around them, where they don’t need to reveal everything. Keeping things secret is the wallflower’s power. The expandable corporate mark has since been inspiration for a bronze ceramic installation that is permanently hung in the boutique.

I designed:
Corporate Identity
Swing Tag
Gift Voucher
Photo Card

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