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When Rhonda Locke came to me with an idea in 2010 I knew this would be the beginning of something big. She wanted to create a website where users could buy, sell and share tickets to Australian-wide events online and it was up to myself and the talented team at Brio Group to turn this innovative idea into reality.

In December 2010, we launched the website as a first of- its-kind online event ticket exchange and connection hub. I suggested to Rhonda that we could expand the idea and allow people to list tickets not only for free or for a discounted price, but also for a “challenge” like “mow my lawn” or “wash my car”. The challenge aspect was a success and helped make the site so unique.

First I created the brand, based on a free-spirited magpie – the traditional symbol of happiness. This easily-identifiable icon embodies the spirit of fun, lively and happy.

We then brought the brand to life in the social sphere to attract the target audience and communicate in channels they’re comfortable and responsive in. Facebook and Twitter became an integral part of’s marketing and we integrated their Facebook presence on the website’s home page.

The site is easy-to-use and is equipped with functionality that allows people to seamlessly buy, sell and connect with each other. The Facebook page achieved significant growth in the first month (over 500+ fans) and we continue to monitor this new site’s buy, sell and share results. The site has been nominated for numerous awards including the Desktop Create Awards and gained radio, press and online PR.

I designed the:
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I wrote the:
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