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In 2009 Queensland Fertility Group (QFG), the top fertility clinic in Queensland, was asked to join the IVF Australia umbrella brand along with Melbourne IVF. Whilst at Brio Group I performed the brand transformation, as well as help produce a comprehensive, multi-tiered advertising campaign that commenced roll out early 2010. To support the QFG brand awareness and positioning as Queensland’s longest running and largest fertility clinic, as well as the 2010 marketing campaigns we were commissioned to roll out some PR activities through multiple channels to help support the brand and its campaigns.

I was asked to create press, digital marketing and promotional activities that support QFG’s existing media activity and their Secondary Infertility campaign. The aim was to increase brand awareness and to solidify QFG’s positioning within the market. We also need to coin the term ‘secondary infertility’ and increase awareness of the condition, as well as increase Seminar sign up.

The Secondary Infertility campaign rolled out through traditional media (print and radio) and to add another media to the mix, we produced a Facebook ad to engage with an active audience that was fitting with the QFG demographic. The ad incorporated the campaign’s creative: simple and striking graphics of a mother hen with one chick and potential chicks following her. I developed the headline: ‘Wondering when your next child will come?’ and used soft language in the rest of the copy as it’s quite a sensitive topic.

We worked closely with QFG to roll out the 45 day Facebook ad which increased traffic to the landing page and contributed to a significant increase in the Secondary Infertility seminar sign ups.

I designed the:
Campaign Concept
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