Fête De La Musique Brisbane

Fête De La Musique, hosted by Brisbane City Council and Brisbane Marketing, is a musical festival that appears around the world on the 21st of June each year. The largest international live music event in the world and presented by more than 340 cities globally, Fête de la Musique is a celebration of music and our music makers and aims to bring music into public spaces – often those unusual and unexpected. 2008 was Brisbane’s debut and the festival was well received with Brisbane’s Southbank, Fortitude Valley and City bursting into song. As the festival has gained momentum over the years it has expanded across the suburbs of Brisbane and achieved a cult status in the Brisbane’s music scene.

Whilst at Brio Group I was commissioned to create the brand for Fête De La Musique Brisbane that would be used for subsequent years to come. The brand needed to appeal to a broad target market and encompass the many different music genres that would be present – everything from funk, reggae and rock to classical, hip hop and country. The brand would be used for a range of different media and needed to be expandable and adaptable to various situations.

I created a sound wave graphic made from different types of fabric which I stitched together, to represent the many different styles of music coming together for the one festival (we later turned the fabric into a pillow which resides at the Brio Group studio). This graphic cleverly illustrated the concept of ‘music’ without any bias towards any music genre. It was edgy, striking and has become an iconic symbol that is widely recognised across Brisbane. I created a custom typeface for the logotype and headings and set the graphics against a bright green background to capture the vibrant, exciting nature of the festival. The campaign included everything from flyers, posters, t-shirts, online graphics, advertisements, registration forms, signage and an interactive website.

Brisbane City Council, the volunteers, the artists and the audience loved the creative and the music festival was a huge success. The growth and expansion of the festival over the past three years is a testament to its success, even when the festival landed on a rainy Sunday or Monday when most of the audience was busy at work. Brisbane came to life and was awash with a sea of music celebrating musicians from all walks of life.

I designed the:
Corporate Identity
Custom Typeface
DL flyers
Press Advertisements
Registration Forms
Online Graphics
Website Design

I also took care of the:
Event Photography


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