While at Brio Group I was approached to develop a brand for Crafty – a new innovative craft boutique with an online and physical presence. I developed a simple, clever and bold corporate mark where the serifs were sliced off and their pieces fell to the ground. This was to represent the basic concepts behind crafting – ‘cutting’ or ‘slicing’.

I created a number of tools to represent some of the many types of craft available through Crafty. These become the ‘weapons’ that the customer would use to ‘commit their craft’ and were used as individual stickers and to form a pattern for the back of the stationery. Customers were asked to ‘choose their weapon’ which entails that they might use multiple weapons, or engage in multiple types of craft.

Crafty customers are often compulsive and obsessive over their craft, spending a lot of time and money sourcing the perfect materials and making their creations. Their behaviour is similar to criminals, in that they are meticulous in their planning, use sharp tools and often work late at night in dimly lit rooms. By linking the Crafty customer with criminal behaviour you gave the Crafty brand an edgy and slightly sinister touch, setting them apart from their competitors who take a safer route.

The colour palette was reduced to one colour to keep things simple and to allow the graphics to speak for themselves. All stationery was printed on Tudor Kraft – pardon the pun!

Advertising was clever and engaging, asking the customer to complete ‘missions’ and enter secret codes to redeem special offers.

I created:
Corporate Identity
Gift Certificate
Marketing Collateral
Website Design

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