Brio Group


As the Art Director of Brio Group (formerly RED-i Design) I was asked to develop a new name and brand that would reflect our new direction and expanded capabilities. With Director Belinda Vesey-Brown I researched and created the name ‘Brio’ – which encapsulates the vivacity and energy of the company. I then went on to develop the brand and created an elegant, classic and sophisticated corporate mark. We’re in the business of communication, so I thought a subtle link to quotation marks could be incorporated into the curves of the ‘B’. This custom ‘B’ became a standalone symbol that could represent our brand when the corporate mark was not needed and was used on all corporate communications. The elegant black was mixed with a bright and happy yellow to create a strong and unique brand that has a timeless quality.

I then was heavily involved with our brand launch which we held at the newly opened Strand on Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane. Hundreds of guests and colleagues saw us unveil our new brand in early July 2010 and one of the highlights was the launch video which I designed. I took care of all photography on the night – see more pics here.

I created:
Brand Name
Corporate Mark
Brand Graphics
Marketing Collateral
Internal Collateral
Merchandise – mugs, t-shirts, pens
Facebook/Twitter Page Designs

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